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Find the Right Truck equipment, Parts and services

Based near Bel Air, Maryland, MOXLEY'S INC. is fully loaded with the equipment, parts and services you need to upfit your truck and benefit your business.  Whether you're prepping for the harsh winter or going full-speed ahead every day, we have custom solutions for our customers. For specialty parts, visit or contact us for pricing and availability.

Snow Equipment & Parts

When the temperature dips, be prepared to clear the path with heavy-duty and time-tested brands like Meyer™, Boss™, and Valk™, Gledhill™, Swenson Spreader™ to name a few. Visit our warehouse to see our fleets and the parts we have in stock.

Driveline Services

We straighten, balance, and make customized driveshafts. The parts we offer range from u-joints, yokes, tubing, and more. 

Snow Plows and Trucks

Welding Supplies

Truck Equipment

There are many vendors we have to furnish and install truck chassis to accommodate your needs. Some of our vendors include: Knapheide, Galion, DuraClass, Gledhill, Valk, Swenson, Boss, Meyer and more. We can also accommodate your snow upfitting for both private owners and municipalities. We can provide spreaders as well, to fit to hitches, v-box, and tailgates.